Empower members of your church to step into who God purposed them to be

TruCenter strengthens connections to the church and increases volunteer engagement by connecting God-given talents and personal motivations with faith and service.

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The TruCenter Assessment

The only narrative-based assessment rooted in faith, backed by science, and powered by story

Every person has unique success stories that shape their identity and reveal who God made them to be and what His calling is on their life. TruCenter pairs those stories with more than 60 years of validated scientific research to provide the life-giving, motivation-driven insights needed to connect members of your church to their purpose and their unique place in God’s Kingdom.

TruCenter helps church leaders and congregants:

  • Embrace who they are and how God made them.
  • Show up and add value to a family, team, or group.
  • Identify activities that are meaningful and fulfilling.
  • Grow spiritually and align their strengths and gifts.
  • Contribute to the church and impact God’s kingdom.

When people truly see themselves and their role in God’s plan, they step up to become a vital part of ministry at its best.

TruCenter + Your Church
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Experience Deep Satisfaction as you fulfill God’s calling on your life

TruCenter empowers church leaders, congregation members, ministry teams, and small groups to step into greatness. It provides the tools and insights they need to show up at their best each day and fully engage in the work God has prepared for them wherever He leads.


at their best

When you understand motivation and God’s purpose for a life, you can engage on a deeper level, create transformation, and amplify God’s blessings, and maximize your impact.


at their best

When congregants are motivated to go all-in and use their strengths and blessings in meaningful service and work they enjoy, they do their best work and find fulfillment in their experience.


at its best

Members who step into roles that light them up and contribute in joyful, rewarding ways feel a greater sense of personal belonging and a stronger connection to their faith and your church.


at its best

When people embrace who they are, their unique purpose, and God’s calling on their lives, they have more confidence, they’re happier, and they feel more satisfied in every aspect of their lives.

Personality tests and strength assessments are missing one critical factor that impacts the success of a church’s ministries and missions

The truth is, being good at something doesn’t mean someone enjoys doing it. A person can be using their strengths in a role that fits their personality and still feel uninspired and unfulfilled.

What’s missing is motivation!

With TruCenter, you discover what motivates people and what lights them up and makes them feel happy and fulfilled. That means you can match the right people with the right roles — and that leads to improved volunteer retention, more engaged congregants, and over time, increased giving.

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Discover what drives engagement and connection

TruCenter reveals an individual’s calling, what God has uniquely purposed them for, and what motivates them to seek a stronger connection to their faith, get involved in the church community, and serve in meaningful ways.

Understand what makes someone come alive

Assessment results highlight why an individual immerses themselves in some activities, yet struggles to care about other activities. They also explain what gives someone life and inspires them to become who God intends them to be.

Empower members of your church to live life at its best

The TruCenter experience takes individuals on a journey of personal reflection and self-awareness. It provides aha moments and clarity that leads to improvements in their relationship and family dynamics, faith, work, and lives.

Faith + Science + Story = Relevant actionable results

TruCenter combines faith, science, and an individual’s own lived experiences and stories to connect them to their Kingdom calling and the work of God on a deeper level.

The assessment starts by prompting an individual to share stories of achievement and success. It then asks questions about their experiences and how they felt and still feel about them. Finally, it uses more than half a century of validated scientific methodology, human design research, and insights from the evaluation of more than one million stories to reveal their MCode.

Share TruCenter with members of your church

As a Ministry Partner, you can invite members of your church to complete our 30-minute assessment by sharing a few of their personal, meaningful achievement stories and answering questions about their lived experiences.

Get your results and discover your MCode

All TruCenter reports are personalized, relevant, and immediately actionable. Members discover what motivates them, experience aha moments, gain clarity, and learn how God made them, what their purpose is, and how they can fulfill their calling.

Embrace and apply newfound insights

Your church members get everything they need to apply their MCodes in every area of their lives. And with access to their reports, Ministry Partners gain the ability to provide deeply meaningful coaching, mentorship, and guidance.

TruCenter connects motivation with faith and purpose to drive church growth through meaningful engagement and impactful service

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When you help members of your church understand who God intends them to be, their role in His greater story, what motivates them, and how they find fulfillment and satisfaction, they experience joyful service, rewarding ministry, and deeper connections to the church and God’s Kingdom.

Getting started is easy!

You can sign up, take the TruCenter assessment, and check it out for yourself in about 30 minutes. Or, you can contact us to become a Ministry Partner to unlock significant savings and share TruCenter with your entire congregation.

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