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We’ve collected the questions asked most often about TruCenter, identifying a person’s unique MCode, and the role motivation plays in God’s Kingdom. We’ve also thrown in 1-2 questions that we think every ministry leader should be asking when bringing a faith-based personality assessment into your church.

Check out our FAQs below and if you don’t find an answer to your question, reach out. We’re happy to help.

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TruCenter works for all ages but it is most relevant and applicable for adults or teens. If you’re looking for a similar assessment for your younger children, consider the TruSpark assessment, which is powered by the same science as TruCenter but the results are tailored to junior high and high school students. We also offer the MCode assessment for business professionals and the TruMotivate assessment for college students.

Very accurate! In fact, when gathering feedback from those who have taken the assessment, they often say it’s “scary accurate” and that’s because TruCenter is powered by more than 60 years of validated and proven science, research on human design, and the evaluation of more than one million achievement stories.

When you share TruCenter with members of your church, they will gain powerful insight into how they were made by God and what God made them for. Understanding their unique design will help them fully engage in the work God has prepared for them, wherever God leads.

They will also discover their God-given gifts and how they can best contribute to the church or its related ministries and missions. These same revelations about who they are can also be applied to improve family, marriage, and relationship dynamics, communication skills, and even work.

If your church is like most churches we speak to, you have a list of service roles that need to be filled. When a new volunteer raises their hand, you plug them into the most needed role, and sometimes it even matches their strengths.

There’s just one problem: Simply being willing or available, or being good at something doesn’t mean you enjoy doing it.

With TruCenter, you discover not only what people are great at but also what lights them up, gives them life, and makes them feel happy and fulfilled. That means you can match the right people with the right roles — roles that are meaningful and deeply rewarding — which leads to improved volunteer retention, more engaged congregants, a stronger connection to faith, and over time, increased giving.

If your church is already a TruCenter Ministry Partner, you may be able to take our assessment for free. Reach out to your church leadership to ask about TruCenter. 

If your church is not yet a Ministry Partner, you can purchase a single assessment for just $20 and try TruCenter for yourself.

Completing the assessment takes about 30 minutes. The hardest part is figuring out which achievement and success stories from your life you want to share during the process!

Think back to your highest points, proudest accomplishments, greatest achievements, and happiest moments. Think of times in your life when you loved what you were doing and were fully engaged, deeply satisfied, giving it your all, or showing up as your best self.

The stories you use can be from any area of your life — church, work, hobbies, activities, school, sports, childhood, play, volunteerism, and even passion projects — and it’s best if they have a defined start and stop. If you can’t decide which stories to share, try picking stories from different aspects of your life or think about which experiences you’d most want to relive again.

If you’ve completed the assessment, your personalized TruCenter report was emailed to you using the email address you signed up with. If you took the assessment through your church, a TruCenter administrator from you church can resend you a copy of your report. 

If you have trouble accessing your report or you no longer have access to the email account you used to take the assessment, please reach out and contact our support team.

Your motivations reflect who you are at your core and who God made you to be. They do not change based on your life situation or age, so there is no need to take our assessment more than one time. Even if you do take it again, you’re most likely going to get the same results because God made you uniquely YOU.

A copy of your TruCenter report was emailed to you using the email address provided when you signed up. If you no longer have access to that email address, please contact our support team for help.

If you want to retake the assessment, you can purchase another personal license and signup using a different email address.

Most personality assessments aren’t based on proven, validated science. They’re based on a framework and labels someone thought up. And every question you’re asked is used to put you in a predefined box that aligns with how they decided to categorize people and what they thought was important at the time.

You’ve likely taken several of these personality assessments and when answering questions, thought to yourself, “It depends,” and that’s the problem. If you’d answer a question differently based on the day, the stage of life you’re in, what’s happening in your life, or how you’re feeling at the time, you can’t be sure the results are accurate and truly reflective of who you are. 

This is why most assessment results are only sort of accurate and sort of relevant, and, why when it comes to actually applying those results in a meaningful way, even more fall short.

MCode flips the script and keeps the focus solely on you, your stories of success and achievement, and how you felt about those life experiences. It’s the only narrative-based personality assessment that uses your own personal stories, which makes every question asked and the results directly relevant to your work and life.

The TruCenter assessment is a variation of the MCode assessment designed specifically for churches, which means it’s rooted in the same proven and validated science and human design research.

Another big difference is the focus of the assessment itself. Other personality assessments focus on your strengths and weaknesses, the MCode and TruCenter assessments focus on your motivations, the purpose God has for your life, and his call for you in the Kingdom.

Yes! You can complete the TruCenter assessment on your own and even complete the Created & Called group study program by yourself. It can be done individually, at your own pace, as a personal and reflective journey. With that said, this journey of discovery will have a bigger impact and be more meaningful if you experience it with a small group or with the guidance and support of a pastor, coach, or mentor.

Sign up for a free copy of Created & Called, a four-week sermon series and small group study program designed to accompany the TruCenter assessment experience. Over the course of four weeks, sermons and the companion small group study guides dive into the concepts of how God made you and His purpose for you, sharing your God-given gifts with the community, your unique motivations and divine design, and the benefits of living the call God has on your life as a part of His bigger plan. 

Study guides include a review of the weekly theme, related scriptures to discuss, thought-provoking questions to prompt conversation about the application of the theme to daily life, and ideas for prayer.

The Created & Called small group study guides give you everything you need to host a successful small group discussion about the weekly sermon theme, including a recap of the theme, related scriptures, questions to prompt conversation, and ideas for prayer. Each small group session is designed to last about 45 minutes but may go longer if your group is deeply engaged in the conversation.