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Motivation reveals how you’re wired, how God made you, and what He uniquely made you for. It’s a blueprint of why you do what you do. It’s your origin of meaning, joy, and fulfillment. It’s what sparks your interest and drives you to engage, contribute, and give.

Now, imagine if every member of your church understood their motivational design, God’s intention and purpose for their lives, and how they can use their God-given gifts in service of the church, its related missions and ministries, and the greater Kingdom of God.

The result is ministry at its best, which leads to life at its best for every person.

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Take The Assessment Yourself Or Become a TruCenter Ministry Partner!

Take the TruCenter assessment yourself to discover your unique MCode and experience this transformative and powerful story-based assessment first-hand. Or become a Ministry Partner and introduce the transformative TruCenter experience to your church to activate your congregation and increase volunteer engagement by connecting God-given talents and personal motivations with faith and service.

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Take the TruCenter Assessment to discover how God made you, His purpose for your life, and your unique calling in His Kingdom.

Receive a personalized report that reveals your MCode and how to apply it to improve your relationships, work, and life, and your connection to God and your church.

Gain vital insights to move beyond your strengths, embrace your unique motivational design, and live God’s purpose with intention.

Learn how you can use your motivations and God-given gifts to find your place within the church community and serve in deeply meaningful and rewarding ways.

Receive guidance for your spiritual and emotional health, words of affirmation, and words of caution based on your design.

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Ministry Partners gain access to our private assessment administration portal and the ability to assign and share the TruCenter assessment with members of your church.

When you log in, you’ll be able to:

Set up TruCenter accounts for church leaders and staff members so they can share the assessment with members of your church.

Manage the assignment or distribution of assessments to members of your congregation.

Track the status of assigned assessments to see if they’ve been completed.

Access the TruCenter reports for members of your church who have completed the assessment.

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Torrey Fingal, Senior Pastor, Empowerment Church NOLA

I can’t recommend TruCenter enough! It’s been an invaluable tool for our ministry!

“A group of our volunteers took the TruCenter assessment and we all agree that we now ‘know’ each other. One older woman said, ‘I’ve been in church for a long time, but this is the first time I feel seen!’ The assessment was spot on and finally allowed us to articulate things about ourselves that we’ve known for years — and as their pastor, I feel more equipped to shepherd them according to their God-given design.”

Torrey Fingal, Senior Pastor
Empowerment Church NOLA

Free Sermon Series And Small Group Program

Created & Called:

Serving with Significance

Designed as a companion to the TruCenter assessment, and the precursor to a Volunteer Sunday event, Created & Called is a FREE four-week sermon series and small group program that follows the discipleship process of worship, fellowship, and service.

When you sign up for Created & Called, you get:

  • Four editable sermon scripts with customizable sermon slide deck templates.
  • Four companion sermon guides that include: a sermon overview, personal story prompts, gospel emphasis suggestions that keep Jesus at the center of the sermon, and worship suggestions.
  • Four coordinating and customizable Weekly Small Group Study Guides that include an introduction to the weekly theme, relevant scriptures to reference, discussion questions, suggested sharing activities, and prompts for closing prayer.
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