Volunteerism powers successful ministry

The Volunteer Challenge

You have people raising their hands to serve but volunteers don’t stick around very long

The most engaged and connected members of your congregation are the members that step up and choose to get involved, share their blessings, give their time, and serve.

So, it’s natural to think increasing the number of volunteers in your church and retaining church volunteers would be easy. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly true.

While many churches have an abundance of skilled and talented volunteers, they also experience high volunteer turnover, deal with volunteer burnout, and are forced to solve frustrating gaps in ministry service schedules, often at the last minute.

Maybe you can relate?

Church members celebrating life
Women volunteering at a soup kitchen

The Tough Love Truth

The problem is that the right people are being plugged into the wrong roles

Volunteer management programs struggle when amazing people get plugged into the most-needed roles instead of the right roles. When that happens, your best people end up serving in ways that feel draining, purposeless, obligatory, or unfulfilling — and that’s what leads to burnout and turnover.

Luckily, you can solve this problem and improve volunteer engagement by shifting your focus from an inside-out approach to an outside-in approach.

  • An inside-out approach focuses on the church and its needs, and assigning available volunteers to the most pressing roles.
  • An outside-in approach flips the focus to understand how a volunteer is uniquely purposed to serve before matching them with the perfect-fit role.

Motivation For The Win

TruCenter helps your church bridge the motivation gap to better engage and retain volunteers

Motivation is the secret to matching the right person with the right role and engaging volunteers in ways that are so deeply rewarding, energizing, satisfying, and enjoyable that they want to keep serving, and invite others to serve too.

Motivation is also TruCenter’s secret sauce.

When you know how God wired someone, what their purpose is, how they have been uniquely blessed, and how they are motivated and called to serve, it’s easier to identify their ideal role within your church and its related ministries and missions.

People outside for a church group meetup

Here’s the feedback we hear most often about the TruCenter experience:

“Now that I better understand how God made me and how I can contribute to the church in a meaningful way, I’m excited to get involved and I know exactly what I want to help with.”

Created & Called

Serving with Significance

Designed as a companion to the TruCenter assessment, and the precursor to a Volunteer Sunday event, this four-week sermon series and small group program follow the discipleship process of worship, fellowship, and service.

Church group reading the bible

Free Four-Week Sermon Series

The Created & Called four-week Sermon Series includes four fully editable sermon scripts on the purpose-driven, service-focused topics:

  1. Wired for Service
  2. Connected to Community
  3. Discover Your Divine Design
  4. Benefits of Blessing

Companion Sermon Guides provide:

  • A sermon overview
  • Personal story prompts
  • Gospel emphasis suggestions that keep Jesus at the center of the sermon

You also get customizable sermon slide deck templates and worship suggestions that give your teams a headstart on their thematic planning.

Church volunteers laughing together

Free Small Group Program

To accompany the Created & Called Sermon Series and help members of your congregation apply their own assessment results in different areas of their lives, TruCenter has created a companion four-week Small Group Program that’s customizable.

Weekly Study Guides provide small group leaders with everything they need to guide a group through fun and engaging meetings.

Each customizable Study Guide can be adapted to fit any individual group’s needs or preferred meeting structure, and includes:

  • An introduction to the weekly theme
  • Relevant scriptures to reference
  • Discussion questions
  • Suggested sharing activities
  • Prompts for closing prayer
Pastor speaking on stage

Get Started Today!

Help your congregation align their personal motivations and God-given blessings with faith and service

The Created & Called: Serving with Significance four-week sermon series and small group study program is the perfect way to introduce the TruCenter assessment to your congregation and show members that you care about who they are and what makes them happy, not just how they can serve in or give to the church.

The fact that our story-based assessment also helps you increase the number of volunteers in your church and retain your volunteers through fulfilling and satisfying service is a bonus!

At TruCenter, we care about your success, we want to see your church grow, and we hope to connect more people to their faith, their spiritual community, and God’s calling. That’s why this Sermon Series and Small Group Program are absolutely free, with no strings attached.

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